Dads Love a Dirty Bird

By June 6, 2019 July 11th, 2019 Blog

Free ‘Yard Pilsner’ or ‘Flip The Bird IPA’ with any Dirty Bird main on 16th June

Get your dad a dirty bird this Father’s Day.


Think outside of the box this Father’s Day. Would your dad rather receive some socks, or a buttermilk fried chicken feast with free booze? Hmm, tough decision…

Our Dirty Bird is a firm favourite here at the Coop, so this Father’s Day weekend we’re giving the dads a free pint with theirs.

If you haven’t already had a Dirty Bird, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a pile of chips, cheese sauce, buttermilk fried chicken thighs, bacon, grated cheese and then drizzled with our homemade sauces of spicy Bee’s Knees, Dr Pepper BBQ and Blue Cheese.

It’s the ultimate treat, and of course it’s a little bit filthy. Available Sunday 16th June.